A Thrift Bank for

All Filipinos


Pacific Ace Savings Bank offers financial products and services specially tailored to the
unique need of Overseas Filipino Workers and their dependents.


Meet your goals sooner with our attractive interest rates


Pay lower fees to manage your expenses


Instant remittance withdrawals at the best exchange rate


Support your home, education or business expansion with quick and easy access loans!

Safe and Secure Banking

Rest easy knowing that your hard earned savings are guaranteed. For every peso deposit received, the Pacific Ace Savings Bank sets aside a corresponding reserve fund. Your money is available for withdrawal anytime you need it.


Over 19,000 ATMs


Access your account from any BANCNET
machine, the ATM network of the
Philippines islands.

A Refreshing Banking Experience

Visit our newly renovated headquarters in Subic Bay to personally experience our helpful, reliable, fast, considerate and useful community banking services!

Subic Bay, Olongapo

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