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7 Convenient Locations

7 Convenient Locations

Pacific Ace shops are present in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Our shops are open every day, even holidays. Visit your nearest branch and experience the friendly and efficient service Pacific Ace is known for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What IDs are required for the sender?

Remitters should present a valid passport or HKID.

What IDs are required for the receiver?

Beneficiaries of remittances to the Philippines may present any valid Philippine government-issued ID bearing a recent photo to collect their remittance.

Beneficiaries of remittances to Macau must present a valid passport.


What is the service charge for Deposit to Bank Account?

Service Charge for Deposit to Bank Account:

    • Deposit to WOW Savings Account – HKD$21
    • Deposit to PASB FCC – HKD$22
    • Deposit to all other banks  – HK$25
What is the minimum and maximum amount for Deposit to Bank remittance?
  • Minimum Amount : PHP  500.00
  • Max Amount : If remittance is above HKD8,000, customer will be required to provide proof of income, in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Law

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