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Deposit to Bank Account

Remit funds securely into a bank account of your choice


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Frequently Asked Questions

What IDs are required for the sender?

Remitters should present a valid national ID or Passport

What IDs are required for the receiver?

Beneficiaries of remittances to the Philippines may present any valid Philippine government-issued ID bearing a recent photo to collect their remittance. For cash pickups,  BIR/TIN & Postal ID are not accepted.

Beneficiaries of remittances to Macau must present a valid passport.

No ID is required for remittances directly deposited to bank account.


What is the service charge for Deposit to Bank Account?

Service Charge for Deposit to Bank Account:

    • Account opened in Pacific Ace Savings Bank – MOP 20.00
    • Account opened within bank in Metro Manila (NCR) – MOP 25.00
    • Account opened outside bank in Metro Manila (NCR)  – MOP 25.00
What is the minimum and maximum amount for Deposit to Bank remittance?
  • Minimum Amount : PHP 100.00
  • Max Amount : PHP 100,000.00

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