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Hong Kong Pickup

Pick up funds instantly many locations in Hong Kong

Remit to Hong Kong in seconds

Arrange for immediate cash pickup from Macau to Hong Kong. Get the same friendly and reliable service at all of our Pacific Ace branches.

Choose from 7 convenient locations in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What IDs are required for the sender?

Remitters should present a valid national ID or Passport

What IDs are required for the receiver?

Beneficiaries of remittances to the Philippines may present any valid Philippine government-issued ID bearing a recent photo to collect their remittance. For cash pickups,  BIR/TIN & Postal ID are not accepted.

Beneficiaries of remittances to Macau must present a valid passport.

No ID is required for remittances directly deposited to bank account.


What is the service charge for Hong Kong Pickup?
  • Service Charge : MOP 72
What is the minimum and maximum amount for Macau Pickup?
  • Minimum Amount : MOP  100
  • Maximum Amount : MOP 20,000

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