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PASCOR makes sure that its deployed seafarers are highly trained in the position they will assume. These training programs are designed to extract the maximum potential from each candidate, and to encourage them work with the best of their abilities under minimum supervision. All seafarers possess Certificate of Competency under STCW standards.

PASCOR puts together a regional mix of crew members to ensure group compatibility and cohesive teamwork on board, a vital element to efficient service. PASCOR crew members work together with the common objective of getting their ship, their cargo, and their team to their destination on time and in tip-top condition. This type of camaraderie among work-mates develops a high level of morale and confidence.


A long sea voyage can brings out the best or the worst in a seaman. PASCOR prepares its men for the many challenges of a long journey. Each recruit must undergo seminars and thorough medical and physical check-ups to equip him emotionally, physically, and mentally for their deployment . Counseling is extended to PASCOR crew on home-leave who need a listening ear. The result is a team of seasoned and highly trained seamen who are respectful of authority, loyal to their superiors, and at peace with himself and others.

PASCOR understands that safety is the major concern of the shipping industry. Pre-departure seminars are conducted with an emphasis on “Life at Sea & ISM” Besides discussions on the latest suggested seagoing techniques, personal discipline and drug prevention are other topics that are regularly taken up in these seminars. PASCOR crew members are trained in survival techniques, first aid, fire fighting, and other important skills.

Let PASCOR find the best crew to man your vessel.

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