who we are


a pioneer in the maritime industry

Established in 1972, Pacific Asia Overseas Shipping Corporation (PASCOR) is one of the longest operating manning agencies in the Philippines. Its mission is to supply the international market with well trained, disciplined Filipino seafarers.

Despite the fierce competition, PASCOR has emerged as a strong and stable company. Its offer of fair deal and clean track record has kept the company in good position. In 2002, the Phil. Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) awarded a Citation to PASCOR for its initiatives of developing the overseas employment industry, thereby assuming a bigger role in promoting the competence of Filipinos and creating employment opportunities for Filipino seamen.

POEA also qualified PASCOR for in-house processing for Overseas Employment Certificate and expanded internet submission (e-link). PASCOR recruits are able to deploy on short notice as employment contract processing is independent on government offices.


To be the leading manning agency in the Philippines and the benchmark of professionalism in the industry.


To provide the international shipping industry with competent and highly skilled Filipino seafarers, with excellent work ethics and high standards of moral values and sense of loyalty.

PASCOR 2019 Timeline

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to provide excellent crew manning services to our Principals, by providing them highly qualified, capable and service-oriented crew geared towards full satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders.


We shall endeavour to:

  • Maintain a pool of competent and safety quality conscious employees;
  • Implement measures to ensure accurate evaluation, selection and dispatch of seafarer;
  • Immediately respond to issues or complaints from interested parties;
  • Implement an ISO 9001 and MLC 2006 compliant quality management system and continually improve its effectiveness by ensuring the risks and opportunities that can affect the conformity of its services are determined and addressed;
  • Comply with statutory, regulatory and customers’ requirements;
  • Continuously implement the “no placement fee” policy for its seafarer recruits;
  • Ensure that the seafarers’ welfare is upheld at all times;
  • Establish partnership with suppliers and interested parties to provide and improve service; and
  • Review the suitability of this policy and compatibility of the quality objectives with the context and strategic direction of PASCOR.

PASCOR is part of the Pacific Ace Group