1. How long have you been with PASCOR?

I have been with PASCOR for 7 years now. The first position that I applied for was Masters. Now I am Captain.

2. How would you describe your relationship with the company?

I have a previous principal prior to joining Tropical through PASCOR and I stayed here longer because they definitely look after the welfare of their crew, more than many other agencies that I know.

3. There is a common connotation that since seafarers are mostly away, their families usually end up in trouble. Please tell us about your family and how you are able to counter that.

I have 4 wonderful children. Unfortunately, my wife already passed away 2 years ago. Nevertheless, I am blessed to see the fruits of my labor in the lives of my children. My eldest is an LLB graduate and is currently reviewing for 2017 bar exams. The second one followed my footsteps and also became a merchant marine and is now onboard. The third and fourth is a nurse and entrepreneur respectively. We are all presently residing in Iloilo. Life is simple, joyful and peaceful here.

4. How did you manage your income then and continue to grow your wealth until now?

I believe that the education of my children is my biggest investment. Now that they have all graduated, I feel really fulfilled. I was also able to build our house and bought family cars for convenience. Likewise, I invested in real estate by purchasing farms where we grow the crops that we consume. I’m still planning on opening up new businesses soon and investing in time well-spent by traveling together with my family more.

5. From your decades of experience as a seafarer, what words of inspiration would you like to pass on to the new and aspiring ones?

Never stop learning. In everything you do, put God first.